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"My daughter Danielle and I randomly met Heidi over a year ago. We met her at a gathering at a friend’s house. While mingling around the appetizers, Heidi approached us in such a loving and caring manner that we were instantly drawn to her. She explained to us that she observed Danielle’s open-bite and could hear her lisp as she was singing due to a tongue thrust. Heidi explained what she does and that she could help her.

Well, things work in mysterious ways because we were going to orthodontists and other medical professionals with no real solid answers. Most of them wanted to perform surgery to break and reset her jaw. At this point we were at our wit’s end. We gladly agreed to give Heidi’s treatment a chance.

Within the first three months, we were amazed at the significant changes. Even Danielle’s TMJ was significantly better. Danielle went from not wanting to smile to smiling all the time.

As a mother, I recommend trying this treatment very strongly simply because there are no painful procedures involved for your child and it really works. We are so grateful to Heidi and I wish that more parents knew about this treatment process. So let’s get the word out..."

Danielle’s Mom


"I am a registered dental hygienist, and I first met Heidi when she came to our pediatric dental office to show us the benefits of orofacial myology for our patients. I was fascinated by the changes that could be made in occlusion and facial muscles with therapy, but she really caught my attention when she demonstrated the treatment of bruxism. I had been a serious clencher for years, resulting in headaches, jaw pain and toothaches.

During my consultation with Heidi, she also diagnosed my tongue thrust and speech defects (I was clenching my teeth when speaking). With regular visits and consistent exercises, Heidi taught me to swallow properly, speak more clearly, and improve my facial muscles. My face now looks more relaxed. My bruxism is no longer a problem, so my headaches have nearly disappeared.

I definitely recommend Heidi to anyone I speak to who is tired of clenching or grinding their teeth. As a fellow hygienist, I can now understand how her treatment for tongue thrust therapy can help with orthodontic treatment."

Ella Sciarra, RDH


"Heidi Widoff’s therapy is very effective. My 7-year-old son had been sucking his thumb since he was born. To my amazement, he stopped his thumb-sucking two weeks into the therapy and has never had a relapse. It was a big relief for me since I thought he was a hopeless cause. After my son stopped his thumb sucking we began therapy for his tongue thrust. The therapy sessions are fun and my son always looks forward to it every single time. I highly recommend Heidi’s services."

Thank you,
Cecille Jimenez



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