What is Orofacial Myology?

Orofacial myology might sound like a bit of a mouthful at first. The most basic way to explain it is that, ‘orofacial’ refers to the face and mouth region while the word ‘myology’ is the area of study  that’s focused on muscles and how they work. Oralmyology refers to the type healthcare that focuses specifically on the treatment of problems associated with the face, jaw and mouth by working with patients’ muscles to build symmetry and balance for lifelong healthy posture.

Myofunctional Therapy and Clinical Massage

Treatment of disorders which provided alone or in a combination of other treatments and techniques working with dental, orthodontics and oral facial surgeries to get better, longer lasting results. 

We focus on treating myofacial disorders such as incorrect breathing haits, open-mouth breathing, improper tongue tie, migraines, unhealthy facial posture, problems chewing and digesting, TMJD, or facial and muscle balance issue.

Mouth Breathing/Nasal Breathing

Includes open mouth posture and lips apart posture or lips that don’t stay closed.

Tongue Thrust and Tongue Rest Posture

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie.

Low Tongue rest posture; tongue is visible.

Tongue protrudes between or agains the upper and or lower front teeth.


TMJD. Buteyko Breathing.

Atypical or Difficulty Swallowing

Chewing disorders and digestive issues, messy eating (frequent crumbs or drooling), constantly chapped lips… 

Thumb Sucking and Other Habits

infant feeding problems, Thumbsucking or pacifer usage.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep apnea, snoring, abnormal breathing.

As a mother, I recommend trying this treatment very strongly because there are no painful procedures involved for your child and it really works. We are so grateful to Heidi, and I wish more parents knew about this treatment Process
Danielle's Mom

Tenison pain

Clinical Oral Massage is an innovative modality derived from myofascial release which opens the fascia under the tongue, relieves facial tension, balances the TMJ, opens the sinuses and helps relieve migraine headaches.

Virtual Therapy session

Our sessions can be held virtually using Zoom or other virtual meeting apps. Exercises and assessments can be done safely without contact right in your own home or office. We even provide virtual assessments and consultations.

Habit breaking

Every day we consciously and unconsciously use the muscles of our face and mouth. Like an habit, there are good and bad habits. Therapy promotes healthy habits and eliminates prolonged oral habits such as nail biting, lip sucking, thumb sucking etc.

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