muscles and fascia involved with chewing and jaw clenching.


and diagnosis of root cause of dysfunction and next steps for treatment and program needs.


and relieves tension pain in jaw, by the ears, forehead, back of head, neck and shoulders.


clicking or popping of jaw, clenching/bruxism, lockjaw, and limited mouth open range.


Manual technique that works on the muscles in and around the mouth.


releasing restrictions allows the fascia and muscle to relax and let go of tension in the jaw.

benefits of

Clincal Oral Facial Massage

The Clinical Oral Facial Massage is an innovative modality derived from myofascial release which opens the fascia under the tongue, relieves facial tension, balances the TMJ, opens the sinuses intra and extra-orally while combining nasal breathing techniques to increase N2O intake and help in relieving migraines.


TMJ Dysfunction

Jaw pain can interfere with eating and sleeping and lead to headaches and tension in jaw, head and neck. COFM targets those muscles Intra Orally to help with symptoms such as clenching or difficulty chewing or closing the jaw.


Manual Trigger Point Therapy

The COFM uses manual trigger point therapy combined with massage therapy allowing muscles to move into a more positive position.


Pre- and Post-Frenectomy

COFM is not only used for patients that have discomfort but for all patients from infants to adults for pre- and post-Frenectiomies to support faster healing and long-term effects.

Massage for Frenectomies

Massaging the side of the mouth is the perfect way to prepare your mouth for the release (Frenectomies) of the frenums/frenulums inside the vestibules of the lips and under tongue. Frenums are actually bands of connective tissue that can be as taut as a guitar string which restricts the other muscles from moving freely.

Massage for TMJ Disorders, Tinnitus, Clenching & Tooth grinding

As a hygienist and massage therapist, my specialty is massaging inside the mouth as well as the muscles around the jaw, head, neck and shoulders. TMJ discomfort or pain is usually caused from an imbalance of the joints due to malocclusion, tension habits such as bruxing and clenching or other orofacial habits. Most doctors recommend an appliance. However, a massage that is specific for the TMJ can alleviate the tension, pain and dysfunction.

Massage Therapy for Migraines, Headaches, and Sinusitis

No one really knows why migraines happen.

My massage using a compression technique inside the palate while deep breathing opens the sinuses relieving migraines and allowing more oxygen to the brain and more room for the tongue.

Remember, the floor of the nose is the roof of the mouth.


After Opening Or Remodeling Of The Palate, Loosening Of The Floor Of The Mouth And Lifting Of The Back Of The Tongue Are The Groundwork For Better Breathing, Swallowing And Tongue Rest Posture.​
Loosening These Muscles Begins The Unwinding Of The Fascia That Connects Our Muscles And Organs From Our Tongue To Our Toes.​​

Massage for forward head and forward shoulder posture

Also Known as 'Tech Neck'.
As you can see, a forward head causes muscle tension not only in the neck but the whole head, neck, shoulder and face.


Our faces have a certain symmetry that defines our look.

When the teeth are aligned, the TMJ muscles balanced, the sinus open and the tongue is centered in the roof of the mouth your face is generally said to be symmetric.
The eyes are halfway between the top of the head and the bottom of the chin.

The FACE is divided into 3 parts; from hairline to eyebrow, from eyebrow to bottom of nose, from nose to chin.

The distance between the eyes (the dashed line), is approximately the width of one eye. this is the same width of the nose (and to some extent the mouth at rest)

The ear length (in light green) is from the eyebrow to the bottom of the nose.
Our faces have a certain symmetry that defines our look. <br><br>When the teeth are aligned, the TMJ muscles balanced, the sinus open and the tongue is centered in the roof of the mouth you face is generally said to be symmetric.


In this instance, the patient dealt with TMJD for many years with clicking, popping and clenching. 

She came in for two COFM sessions and the change in her bite, just from balancing the muscles around her TMJ area, relieved the clicking, popping and tension in her face and neck.

Initial Visit


After 2nd COFM


before: alignment deviates to right


After: Relaxed and balanced

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COFM vs Buccal Massage

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Benefits of cofm include but are not limited to:

1. Released tension in the facial muscles of the head and neck and shoulders.

2. Increased circulation of blood and oxygen promoting overall skin health.

3. Promotes better nasal breathing.

4. Aids in Sleep Apnea and tongue placement.

5. Opens up the sinuses.

6. Helps in relieving migraines/headaches and tinnitus.

8. Opens the palate where the tongue can feel more comfortable.

9. Balances the muscles for the TMJ and occlusion

10.  Helps with drainage of the lymphatic system.


Initial Visit


1 Month Treatment

Clinical Oral Facial Massage

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I definitely feel a lot more relaxed. I don’t have that tension that I had before. I haven’t had a single headache since. Usually I wake up with a bunch of pain, but I haven’t even had that… I used to get pain on the back of my neck  when I wake up and had to put tennis balls there to relieve the pain, but I haven’t had to do that. 


Myofunctional Therapy

With Oral Facial Health Care, you can reduce the occurrence of discomfort associated with migraine pressure tension headaches, jaw or neck pain or other painful symptoms of OMD. 

We offer a 10-point evaluation and customized therapies based on holistic, natural healing methods. 

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