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Frenectomy Program

Pre- and Post-Op Frenectomy

A Frenectomy procedure address issues of a condition known as tongue-tie or lip-tie which cause restrictions to mobility of the mouth’s normal movements. In infants this can cause problems with breastfeeding and palatal development. In children and adults tongue or lip-tie can effect proper tooth alignment, problems with speech or swallowing. Frenectomies are often performed in advance of dental orthodontics or even for patients undergoing denture treatment in order to get a proper fit.

Preparing correctly for a frenectomy can improve the procedure outcomes and the healing times. Combining orofacial myofunctional therapy along with the procedure helps to create new neuromuscular patterns for proper oral function.

We are committed to your health and well being and this process is designed to help you throughout.

the steps

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From kick off to completion, our sessions are designed for optimal oral facial structuring and toning and reduce occurrence of pain or discomfort. 

You will receive treatment sessions to evaluate your individual needs and align with your doctor or dentist surgical plans.

Each stage will develop your muscles for long-term stability and enhance breathing patterns and lip or tongue posture.

Toning phase helps to create new habits for chewing, swallowing, tongue tip words and posture.