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Full therapy Program

Most of my patients have many OMDs that are a combination of breathing, oral posture and chewing and swallowing patterns as well as various parafunctional habits. Full therapy is an all inclusive one-on-one therapy program that is individualized for each patients needs.

Myofunctional treatment includes muscle re-education and exercises to correct muscle patterns for better balance and relief from pain. The program is designed to take place in 5 phases over a set period of time to ensure permanence. The amount of sessions depends on the complexity of case and the compliance of the patient.

Program Outcomes

  • Increases confidence and self-esteem 
  • Establishes proper Facial Development through muscle memory, toning and mobility exercises
  • Attain full body alignment and restore balance. 
  • Provides relief from oral facial pain, bruxism or TMJD. 
  • Improve disorders such as swallowing or digestive or sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, ADHD and ADD. 


SMYO Kits contain everything that will be used for the sessions (not included in price) including tools for taking accurate measurements and getting to know your SPOT (getting your lips and tongue into the correct positions) 

The program works to engage your muscles in promoting strength and toning.


Pre- and Post-Op Frenectomy add on

A Frenectomy procedure address issues of a condition known as tongue-tie or lip-tie which cause restrictions to mobility of the mouth’s normal movements. In infants this can cause problems with breastfeeding and palatal development.

In children and adults tongue or lip-tie can effect proper tooth alignment, problems with speech or swallowing.

Frenectomies are often performed in advance of dental orthodontics or even for patients undergoing denture treatment in order to get a proper fit.

Preparing correctly for a frenectomy can improve the procedure outcomes and the healing times. Combining orofacial myofunctional therapy along with the procedure helps to create new neuromuscular patterns for proper oral function. 

Heidi has performed hundreds of frenectomies with dentists ENTS’s and oral surgeons specific for myofuncitonal disorders and therapy.

For More information on tongue-tie release read this  article from Light Scalpel: Tongue Tie Release

We are committed to your health and well being and this process is designed to help you throughout.

The Roof of your mouth is the floor of your nose If your tongue doesn’t stay in the Roof (widen and maintain) Then the Roof of your mouth will be vaulted and narrow and the Floor of your nose will be tapered and small leaving less of an airway to breathe.

the steps

Healthy smiles.
It's what we do.

From kick off to completion, our sessions are designed for optimal oral facial structuring and toning and reduce occurrence of pain or discomfort. 

You will receive treatment sessions to evaluate your individual needs and align any surgical plans with your doctor or dentist.

Each stage will develop your muscles for long-term stability and enhance breathing patterns and lip or tongue posture.

Toning phase helps to create new habits for chewing, swallowing, tongue tip words and posture.


Improving overall facial health one smile at a time

Oral Facial Health Care, is the only pioneering facial therapy approach that incorporates a proactive approach with options for in-person and virtual sessions. We provide individualized, catered therapies to create peace of mind for you and relief from muscle tension pain. We help you manage your overall health even during these stressful times. Our exercises and treatments can reduce facial tension from mouth breathing and impacts of wearing a face mask.r


Easy Exercises

Virtual Program

Our program is designed to be easy and practical. We are all busy, but building habits does take effort. Every exercise has been developed through rigorous training and application to patients across many segments. Whether you are an adult or young child developing healthy breathing habits, our program is designed to work with you and your busy schedule.

We provide accessible online care and treatment options.

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