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Myofunctional therapy

How it helps

The purpose of myofunctional therapy is to retrain the muscles and to obtain a normal resting posture of the tongue, lips and jaw. 

Therapy includes awareness, behavioral modification and a re-education of orofacial muscle patterns. Treatment is designed to develop proper resting postures for the lips, tongue, and jaw by retraining muscle and swallowing patterns to eliminate negative oral habits.


Clinical Oral Facial Massage

The Clinical Oral Facial Massage is an innovative modality derived from myofascial release which opens the fascia under the tongue, relieves facial tension, balances the TMJ, opens the sinuses intra and extra – orally while combining nasal breathing techniques to increase N2O intake and help in relieving migraines.
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building successful habits

Allergies, upper respiratory infections, nasal airway obstrucitons, enlarged tonsils or adenoids can cause a person to breathe through their mouth. An airway obstruction must be identified, diagnosed, and evaluated prior to therapy.

Tongue tied?


Your mouth has a band of tissue connecting your lips, cheek and tongue to your jaw. This is your frenum. They are two basic types of frenums: a lingual and a labial frenum.

When the frenum is too thick or tight it can restrict the mobility of the tongue or lips.


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