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Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) Therapy is a unique exercise program that reeducates the facial muscles by modifying the swallowing patterns, tongue and lip postures. It eliminates negative oral facial habits to produce nasal breathing and closed mouth posture. 

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Clinical oral facial massage

Irene came in to relieve pain she had been dealing with for years. After just one session, Irene felt an immediate change to her facial symmetry. 

Muscle Balance

Relax the muscles of your face and mouth. Issues with stress can cause pain in muscles and the key roles they play in your facial health care. 


Developing symmetry and how it influences your face and habits that can affect position of jaws, neck and position of the head.

Myofunctional Therapy results

Unless recognized and changed, our habits will continue throughout life.

Every day we consciously and unconsciously use the muscles of our face and mouth. Like any habit, some habits are good, however, some habits over time can negatively effect our facial muscles. Incorrect or poor habits are often learned at a very early age and carry into adulthood.  Some bad habits include  biting your fingernails, clenching you jaw or even poor posture.

TMJ Discomfort

In this instance, my patient dealt with TMJD for many years with clicking, popping and clenching.

She came in for two COFM sessions and the change in her bite, just from balancing the muscles around her TMJ area, relieved the clicking, popping and tension in her face and neck.

Three months of breathing and myofunctional therapy significantly reduced Robin’s TMJ pain and discomfort.

First Clinical Oral Facial Massage

1 month Breathing and Myofunctional Therapy

3 Months Breathing and Myfunctional Therapy

Initial visit

3 Months

Myofunctional Therapy

Justin was able to get amazing results for his smile without the use of braces or other appliances. 

Initial Visit – Justin came to me with tongue tie and lip tie. He also had Class III malocclusion also known as protruding jaw which. Although Justin mostly breathed through his nose during the day, at night he was snoring, drooling and bruxing. We needed to eliminate his habits of lip licking, nail biting and pinky sucking.  Due to restless sleeping at night, it was affecting his productivity and activities in school.   

After 8 months of myofunctional therapy, he had frenectomies performed on his lip and tongue. Justin came in for his 5-day follow-up session. He had a fully, normal bite. No braces. No appliance. We were able to reclassify him as Class 1 Occlusion.  


Justin had Class III malocculusion, tongue tied and labial tie. 


Lingual and maxillary frenectomies were performed.









narrow palate after




Jessica came to me after she had to get braces put on for a second time after her symptoms came back and spaces appeared between her teeth. Her dentist noticed she had a tongue thrust and overbite effecting her treatment, so he referred her to us for therapy and we were able to create new habits and patterns.

Why use a certified orofacial myofunctional therapist

We help you get the smile you want.

Treatment is designed to develop proper resting postures for the lips, tongue, and jay by retraining muscle and swallowing patterns to eliminate negative oral habits.

Certified therapist are trained to identify, evaluate, and treat incorrect muscle function patterns.

Click to see the full case study on Adam’s initial visit through graduation.

Assess your Facial Resting Posture and Swallow

While dentistry/orthodontics has a primary focus on dental occlusion, or teeth-together relationships, orofacial myologists focus on teeth-apart behaviors and postures that can lead to or have already resulted in misalignment of teeth or other facial muscle imbalances.

With Oral Facial Health Care, you can reduce the occurrence of discomfort associated with migraine pressure tension headaches, jaw or neck pain or other painful symptoms of OMD. 

We offer a 10-point evaluation and customized therapies based on holistic, natural healing methods.