Comprehensive Treatment for TMJ, Headaches, and Lip/Tongue Ties

Myofunctional Therapy, Clinical Oral Facial Massage, and Frenum Release

Initial Visit

In her 40s, a patient approached our clinic seeking relief from severe TMJ pain, frequent headaches, poor body posture, and limited nasal breathing.
These symptoms had become so debilitating that her husband was frequently woken at night to assist her with ice packs for pain management.

Upon her initial consultation, she presented a childhood photo to illustrate her long-standing facial structure concerns. A thorough examination revealed she had a Class 4 Lip tie, a posterior tongue tie, and buccal ties. Her ability to open her mouth was severely restricted to 35mm, and she could only suction up to 30mm, experiencing significant pain in the process.
Treatment Plan: The patient’s treatment plan was meticulously designed to address her complex needs for TMJ pain, focusing on releasing the frenums and myofunctional therapy:
1. Frenum Release: Over the course of 7 weeks, all of her frenums were carefully released. This procedure was crucial in alleviating the physical constraints that contributed to her TMJ pain and headaches.

2. Myofunctional Therapy: Following the frenum release, she embarked on a 6-month myofunctional therapy program. This therapy focused on retraining the muscles in her face and mouth to improve function and reduce pain.

3. Clinical Oral Facial Massage (COFM): To support her recovery and maintain progress, the patient continues to receive COFM once a month. These sessions are tailored to address specific areas of her body that require attention, ensuring ongoing improvement in her condition.


The treatment yielded remarkable results:
Increased Mouth Opening: Post-treatment, the patient can now open her mouth to 45mm and suction up to 35mm without experiencing pain, marking a significant improvement from her initial assessment.
Improved Sleep for Both: Her husband now enjoys uninterrupted sleep through the night, as the patient no longer requires assistance for pain management.
Enhanced Quality of Life: Beyond the measurable improvements in mouth opening and suction, the patient reports a substantial reduction in TMJ pain and headaches. Her nasal breathing has improved, and she experiences fewer instances of poor posture.

Conclusion This case study exemplifies the efficacy of a holistic treatment approach combining frenum release, myofunctional therapy, and clinical oral facial massage in addressing complex cases involving TMJ pain, headaches, buccal ties, and frenums. The patient’s journey from chronic pain to significant relief underscores the potential of targeted therapies to enhance patients’ quality of life, offering a promising outlook for others with similar conditions.

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