Case Study: Frenectomy

Frenectomy and Myo

Initial Visit

Mouth Posture
The Frenectomy, a precise surgical procedure, was performed to release a restricted lingual frenulum. This condition, often referred to as a ‘tongue-tie,’ had been impacting the patient’s orofacial functionality and overall wellbeing.
initial visit before myo


Post-Procedure Outcomes:
Enhanced Nasal Breathing: The patient reported a marked improvement in nasal breathing. This change is indicative of a more balanced orofacial muscular function, which is essential for optimal respiratory health.

Improved Skin Health: A noticeable clarity in the patient’s skin was observed. While not a direct outcome of the Frenectomy, this improvement may be attributed to enhanced overall health and better oxygenation post-procedure.

Reduction in Anxiety Levels: The patient experienced a significant reduction in anxiety. This is possibly linked to the improved physiological function and the psychological benefits of overcoming a long-standing orofacial challenge.

Ease of Lip Closure: Post-surgery, the patient found it easier to achieve and maintain lip closure, a fundamental aspect of proper orofacial function.

Improved Sleep Quality: The patient reported better sleep patterns. This improvement is often associated with enhanced breathing capability and reduced orofacial tension.

Relaxed Facial Expression: A more relaxed facial demeanor was observed, suggesting a release of chronic muscular tension in the orofacial region.

Correct Swallowing Mechanism: The patient demonstrated an improved swallowing pattern, a direct result of the newfound freedom in tongue movement.
Proper Tongue Positioning: Most notably, the patient was able to maintain the tongue in an optimal upward position, a critical factor for orofacial harmony and function.

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