Case Study: Resolving Sinusitis with Clinical Oral Facial Massage

Clinical Oral Facial Massage (COFM)

Initial Visit

Patient struggled with persistent sinusitis for years, a condiditon exacerbated by three nasal surgeries. Despite various treatments, the discomfort and symptoms lingered, significantly affecting her quality of life.
Her treatment approach began with a consultation with Dr. Bo, a renowned specialist in sinus issues, before being referred for COFM.
1. Initial Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation to understand the extent of adhesion and its impact on her sinusitis.

2. COFM Sessions: Janice underwent three COFM sessions over two weeks, focusing on the facial, nasal, and sinus areas to alleviate the adhesions and open up the nasal passages.

3. Collaborative Care: After the COFM sessions, Janice returned to Dr. Bo for further treatment, ensuring a holistic approach to her sinusitis.


Results: The outcome of this combined treatment approach was remarkable. She experienced significant relief from her chronic sinusitis symptoms:
Improved Nasal Breathing: The COFM sessions helped release the adhesions, allowing her to breathe through her nose comfortably for the first time in years.

Reduced Sinusitis Symptoms: The treatment alleviated the constant discomfort of sinusitis, including facial pain and congestion.

Enhanced Quality of Life: With the reduction in symptoms, She now enjoys a higher quality of life, free from the constant burden of sinusitis. Although the patient remains a candidate for frenectomies and myofunctional therapy (Myo) to address other underlying issues, the COFM provided her with immediate relief and a path forward beyond traditional medical interventions.

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